Turn off, tune out the noise

and hear only the muffled quiet of deep winter snow.

A fresh white face of mountain briefly flushes purple-pink as the sun rises or sets. The sight of it calms the mind, pauses life, and connects us with Nature in a sort of intimate way. The alpenglow proves there is power in beauty.

A wasteland of bad news regarding the environment stretches in every direction lately. Earth has reached critical condition. Our mountains, where many of our best days take place, are transitioning away from what we know and desire. Melting glaciers and weird winters; forests removed and continually mismanaged; a cast of animals headed toward endangered or extinct status, and that’s just the beginning. Somehow we need to stay positive, which is why we have art. For beauty, under-standing, and inspiration. We also need to remain aware. And ideally we will act. Our planet, our home, cannot defend itself against our own attack on it. So we must challenge ourselves, our views and lifestyles, to confront the damage we’ve been doing and to change, evolve, become responsible members of the Earth community. It starts with a deeper respect for our natural environment, for Nature.

Alpenglo Gallery was created to spread optimism and awareness via the visual arts. The artists and works on these pages offer sweet aesthetic relief while praising the divine in Nature. Let these images evoke love, concern, and intent. May their transformative power affect you like the alpenglow.